The contract

1.    The general terms and conditions form an inextricable part of the treatment contract(s) between Tandartsenpraktijk TTH (hereinafter: the “care provider”), including the dentists, their employees, and the patient, hereinafter referred to as the contract. They are made available to patients prior to or at the moment contracts are concluded, are available in the waiting room and are sent upon request.

Third parties

2.    The care provider has the right to engage third parties for the performance of the contract. It will act with due care when selecting these third parties and, if such is possible within reason, consult in advance with the patient such with the exception of substitutes. The care provider is not liable for the acts of these third parties. Articles 7:404, 7: 409 and 7: 422 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code (BW) do not apply.

Costs and payment

3.    The costs of treatment, including the costs of materials and the dental technician’s fee, are charged to and are payable by the patient, less the amount that is refunded by the health insurance provider. The costs of treatment of minors are charged to and are payable by the legal representative(s).

4.    Unless indicated otherwise by the care provider, it will calculate the costs of treatment on the basis of the standard price list applied by it, which standard price list is available via the care provider’s website, subject to changes to the standard price list. In the event a change to the rates included in the standard price list results in a change to the price of the agreed treatment, the care provider will inform the patient in writing and/or digitally thereof prior to providing the treatment.

5.    Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours before treatment takes place if such is necessary on the basis of force majeure. In the event the appointment is not cancelled or not cancelled on time, the care provider will have the right to charge the time reserved and/or the agreed treatment if no other patients could be treated or other paid activities could be performed, such subject to a minimum of €30 (in words: thirty euros).

6.    Payments must be made by the patient within 30 days after the date of the invoice. Payments made by the patient always serve first to pay the payable interest, damage and costs and then the payable invoices that are outstanding the longest, including in the event the patient states that the payment concerns a later invoice. In case of an advance payment, it will be set off against the final invoice under the contract. Notwithstanding the matters set out above, the care provider will have the right at all times to demand immediate and/or cash payment.

Treatment and information

7.    Prior to all extensive and/or drastic dental treatment that entails an amount of €100 (in words: one hundred euros) or more in costs, the patient or their legal representative will be provided with a written and/or digital quotation, which includes a description of the performance to be delivered by the care provider in connection with the relevant treatment, the rate to be charged for each performance, as well as the costs of materials and the dental technician’s fee. In the event the abovementioned provision is not possible within reason, the care provider will not be obliged to provide the abovementioned prior, written and/or digital quotation, provided the costs of treatment in that case were discussed with the patient and/or their legal representative(s) prior to the activities, unless this was also impossible within reason. The Estimate mentioned above must be signed by the patient as correct.

The patient is obliged to make available all data and documents the care provider considers it needs for the performance of the contract on time and in the desired format and in the desired manner.
The additional costs that arise from the delay in the performance of the contract and additional treatment costs that arise from the fact that the data and documents were not made available, not made available on time or not made available properly, are for the patient’s account. The patient guarantees the correctness, completeness and reliability of the data and documents made available to the care provider.
The care provider lay downs in writing at the request of the patient for which procedures (drastic or otherwise) the patient granted consent.
Objections and complaints
8.    Complaints concerning invoices must be submitted to the care provider in writing within eight days after the invoice date, failing which the patient will be deemed to have accepted the invoice as correct. Submission of a complaint concerning an invoice does not suspend the payment term or the payment obligation. The same applies to complaints submitted to the Dentistry Complaints Committee or any other authority.

Exceeding the payment term

9.    If the patient has not complied with their payment obligations or has failed to do so on time or properly or only in part, the patient will always be in default immediately, without such requiring any further notice of default, and the amounts owed become immediately due and payable. If this is the case, the patient will owe the care provider statutory interest over the period of default, as well as all costs the care provider has to incur in order to collect its claim.

10.    The care provider has the right to suspend further treatment in case of payment arrears.


11.     Dentistry is a medical profession. The outcome of treatment can never be predicted with absolute certainty despite the utmost care applied by the care provider. Insofar as possible, the care provider will inform the patients of the risks in advance. We apply a guarantee period of five years on crowns and implants, one year for a new prosthesis and one year for composite restorations. This guarantee can only be invoked provided the patient visits the care provider at least once a year for a dental check-up and possible maintenance. The guarantee lapses if third parties make changes to the work. The format of the guarantee will be discussed between the parties during a joint meeting.


12.    The care provider’s liability is limited to the amount to which the professional liability insurance taken out by the care provider entitles in relevant cases, increased by the amount of the care provider’s excess under the insurance. The patient has the right to inspect this policy at the care provider’s surgery.

Company rules

13.    The company rules also form part of the treatment contract in addition to these general terms and conditions. You can find these on our website.


14.    In addition to accepting our general terms and conditions, you grant us consent to manage your data with due care and to share them with third parties (if necessary), as laid down in the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp), which will be replaced on 25 May 2018 by the European Privacy Regulation (EPV).