Looking for the dentist in Amsterdam West? TTH Oldenbarneveldt dental practice is located at a convenient spot on Oldenbarneveldtstraat in Amsterdam West. Our practice was founded in 1926 and we have since established a good reputation among our patients. If you’ve recently moved to Amsterdam West or are looking for a new dentist, we welcome new patients.

Dentist Amsterdam West? TTH Oldenbarneveldt!

We have lots of satisfied patients, and not without reason. First, because we are located at a convenient spot in Amsterdam West. Secondly, because we have a highly versatile dental team. Our dentists are also qualified dental technicians, which means that they can help patients with dental repairs and oral prostheses. We also have dental hygienists working in the practice. So if you are searching for a dentist in Amsterdam, TTH Oldenbarneveldt is the dentist for you!

Advantages Dentist Amsterdam West

The location of the TTH Oldenbarneveldt dental practice in Amsterdam Oud West is convenient for public transport. Four trams stop near our location:  3, 12, 13 and 14. You can get here from most parts of Amsterdam. Our dental team is made up of several dentists, a dental hygienist and a clinical dental technician, so we can provide in-house expertise in all fields of dental health care.

Children’s dentist Amsterdam West

Going to the dentist isn’t always a treat, and it’s particularly important to pay extra attention to children visiting the dentist. We have a spacious waiting room with plenty of toys to distract them while they wait. The right approach is important, whether children are having a routine check-up or need dental treatment. Our dentists are friendly and patient. So if your child needs an appointment with a dentist in Amsterdam West, there’s nothing to fear at TTH Oldenbarneveldt.

Dentist without an appointment in Amsterdam West

There are times in your life when you need a dentist but haven’t registered. If you’re in the area and live in Amsterdam West, you can come to our practice on Oldenbarneveldtstraat without an appointment. We like to operate as a practice where you don’t always need an appointment. Of course, it’s better to call us beforehand to see if we can fit you in at short notice, but if not, you’re still welcome!
We take patients from all across Amsterdam, not just Amsterdam West. So if you’re looking for a versatile dentist who won’t refer you on without good reason, then Amsterdam West TTH Oldenbarneveldt is the practice for you.

Contact TTH Oldenbarneveldt

To make an appointment or for more information please call us on: 020 6834230