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Are you looking for an implantologist in Amsterdam? Or do you need more information about dental implants? TTH Oldenbarneveldt specializes in implantology, so we can help you!

What are dental implants?

An implant is an artificial root that resembles a screw that looks like an attachment for the crown or bridge. An implantologist can replace a tooth or several teeth with implants.

In which case oral implantology is required?

  • If a tooth is missing
  • To engage a click denture
  • For a bridge on the dental implants

When dental implants can be placed

When placing implants, there are a few conditions:

  • Physical condition must be fine. Health comes first in treatment. Disorders or drugs that can have a negative effect on treatment can be a reason not to take an implant.

  • Sufficient and healthy cartilage must be available. When pulling or losing a tooth or molar, the squat bone shrinks. This means that the bone will become narrower and therefore lower. The height of the bone is measured at the first appointment. If this is not high enough, a sinus lift treatment can be performed. With a sinus lift, the jaw cavity is filled with bone or bone substitute.
  • If the jawbone has shrunk and has become too narrow, a bone repair operation can be performed. This operation is called Guided Bone Regeneration. When the implant is not completely covered with bone, the open teeth are filled with a so-called “membrane”. The membrane can be of different materials, this is discussed when going through the treatment plan.

The treatment of an implant

  1. First, an appointment must be made for the examination and to discuss the possible treatment. It is discussed whether it is necessary to perform a sinus lift or Guided Bone Regeneration. In addition, we discuss how the implant will be placed.

  2. An implant can be placed in two ways:
    • 1-phase: The implant is placed with a part of the implant (healing abutment) visible above the gums. The gums do not need to be treated again and a prosthesis can be placed immediately after the attachment.
    • 2-phases: The implant is placed and the gums are placed over it. When the implant is attached, the gums are removed and the abutment “head piece” will be placed. This sticks out above the gums.

    The choice for a 1 or 2-phases healing depends on the type of implants and other factors. For example, is a bone repair operation required? What is the bone quality?
    After the treatment plan has been consulted and recorded, an appointment can be made for placing the implant.

  3. After inserting the implant, it takes approximately 2 to 6 months until the implant is attached to the jawbone. After that, a crown or bridge can be made. The prosthesis can be made for a click denture.
  4. After inserting the implants, the old prosthesis will be adjusted before a new prosthesis is made.

Appointment scheduling & questions about implantology

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