TTH Bilderdijk can help you with everything related to oral prosthesis Amsterdam. From simple and extensive repairs to the manufacture of a new prosthetic frame and partial plastic prostheses.

Dental prosthesis specialist

    TTH Bilderdijk is a dental prosthetic clinic in Amsterdam West. At the dental prosthesis specialist in TTH Bilderdijk you can go for:

  • Prosthesis (lower or upper jaw)
  • Click prostheses / click dentures
  • Periodic check of dentures
  • Dentures repairs

For a prosthesis, you do not need a referral from your doctor.

First appointment for a dental prosthesis

When you choose a dental prosthesis, you can go for a denture or a click denture. A click denture is a removable denture, which is not attached in the mouth (without attachments). Click dentures are attached to implants. Did you not take a decision yet and do you need more information about dental prostheses? Our dental prosthetist can provide advice on this and answer your questions.

Making an oral prosthesis

To make a dental prosthesis you can first make an appointment with the dental prosthetist to get more information and to ask questions. Multiple appointments are required to make the dental prosthesis. First to measure the teeth, so that prints can be made and the upper jaw is measured regarding to the lower jaw. Then an appointment for the placement of the prosthesis. Making a denture / prosthesis takes approximately 6 weeks.

Periodic check-up with a dental prosthesis / denture

With dentures it is important to schedule a periodic check every two years. In this way it is possible to check the status of both the teeth and the denture, and whether the fit is still good so that the denture does not get loose. The jaw can shrink over time. Shrinking usually happens unnoticed. Then it is necessary to fill up your denture.


For implants you can go to the implantologist in our second clinic TTH Oldenbarneveldt. For more information, please read our page about implants.

Make an appointment

Do you have questions about oral prosthesis Amsterdam? Or if you want to make an appointment with the oral prosthesis specialist to discuss a dental prosthesis, do not hesitate to contact us on telephone number 020 6834230.