Looking for an emergency dentist in Amsterdam West? The TTH Bilderdijk dental practice is conveniently located in Amsterdam West. We have a thriving practice, but routinely reserve time slots in our appointments book for emergency dental work. We aren’t open for urgent cases at the weekend or in the evenings, but we can always make time during our regular opening times.

Your versatile emergency dentist in Amsterdam West

Our practice has a team of all-round dentists, all of whom can step in to give emergency treatment. Dentists hate having to refer a patient in urgent need of treatment to another dentist, particularly if the patient has to wait until the next day. As emergency dentists in Amsterdam West, we offer a versatile service. The dentists we use to provide urgent treatment have many years of experience, which means that they rarely come across emergency cases that they haven’t treated before. So you can count on fast, professional help if you come to us for urgent treatment

Types of emergency dental treatment

There are various reasons for needing an emergency dentist. Here are the most common dental emergencies:

  • Damage to dentures after an accident
  • Acute serious toothache
  • Inflammation in the mouth (gums)
  • A broken tooth (or teeth)
  • Haemorrhaging

The emergency service in Amsterdam West takes a broad approach to urgent dental treatment. We realize that a patient may need urgent treatment even if he or she is not in serious pain. You may lose a piece of your front tooth, for example, just before an important interview or photo shoot. People in pain will obviously go to the front of the queue, so if you come to us with an urgent cosmetic/aesthetic ‘emergency’, someone who arrives later with bad toothache may be treated before you. However, we always try to prevent this and would advise you to call the practice before you come in.

Emergency dentist for children

A dentist must pay special attention when treating children. A lot of children are scared of going to the dentist, so it’s important to keep them busy in the waiting room. This, in combination with a sympathetic dentist who is good with children, will help to make a visit to the dentist less traumatic. Even more so in the case of an emergency. Most of the children who need an emergency dentist have just had an accident or been through some kind of unpleasant experience. As an emergency dental practice in Amsterdam West, TTH Bilderdijk always takes this into account. So if you need an emergency dentist for your child, just call us!

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You can reach us on: 020 6834230

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